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Nutrition Value and Health Benefits of Eating Black Chickpeas



Are you looking for a healthy protein diet? Are you a vegan and cannot have chicken in your gym diet? Well, we have gotten your good news. For all those vegans, diabetics, and protein lovers, Black Chickpeas with its great nutrition value is an ultimate option for you. This makes an excellent replacement of high protein non-veg meals giving a big reliance on vegans.

So, if you are a gym person or planning to visit there soon, you have now got a straightforward yet healthy option. While they have been grown from thousands of years in Middle Eastern countries but recently, they have gained immense popularity.

With changing decades and lifestyle modulation, people are focused more on a healthy diet and fit life. And no doubt Black Chickpeas offer a bulk of health benefits. You can eat them cooked, steamed, fried or as sprouts, with the simple and easy cooking process they are an instant yet filling meal. But if you do not know much about it, we are here to hold your back all through your healthy life journey. Just sit tight and go through this complete nutrition guide of Black Chickpea.

Black chickpeas nutrition value

Black chickpeas are no less than a bumper packet of nutritional blasts. It is richly filled with vitamins, minerals, fiber, and the right amount of caloric value. Here is a complete list of all the essential nutrients you can have from this rich legume.

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Nutrients In 28 grams of Chickpea.

Calories – 46

Fiber – 2 grams

Carbs – 8 grams

Proteins – 3 grams

Iron – 4% of RDI

Folate – 12% of RDI

Manganese – 14% of RDA

Copper – 5% of RDA

Phosphorus – 5% of RDA

Zinc – 12.5% of RDA

Black Chickpea gives you a lot to meet your daily nutrient requirements. All you need to do is have a handful of these in your meal without skipping a day.

10 Health Benefits of Eating Black Chickpea

Although there are several health benefits of taking black chickpeas regularly, a few of them are specified here briefly.

  • It helps in losing weight and gaining muscle: 

Black Chickpeas or Kala chana contains quite a low amount of calories compared to other legumes, and low-calorie consumption ultimately leads to weight management. The second fact that proves the weight management action is their high fiber content, which keeps you full for a more extended period. A longer period of satiety tends to reduce the number of meals taken, and this reduces weight.

black chickpeas for weight loss

black chickpeas for weight loss

  • Lower your lipid profile: 

These legumes are rich in fiber content, and the major part is soluble fiber, which is known to reduce down the triglycerides and bad cholesterol in the blood. This phenomenon is responsible for the prevention of many lethal heart diseases as well. 

  • Prevent you against cancer: 

Eating black chickpeas helps to keep you safe from some specific type of cancers. It is rich in vitamin content prevalent in breast and lung cancer. Another component saponins found in these prevent tumor cell growth. At the same time, ‘butyrate,’ a soluble fat in chickpeas, prevents colon cancer.  

  • Help to fight Anaemia: 

As given on the nutrients section, black chickpeas are supplied with 4% recommended iron content. This iron helps to improve blood cell formation, and oxygen-carrying capacity hence helps to fight Anaemia.

  • Improve digestion and remove constipation problem: 

Further, Kala chana contain a high amount of soluble fiber, which, when comes in contact with water, forms a gel-like mass making the bowel movement smooth and helping indigestion. This action prevents you from multiple bowel diseases and associated cancerous conditions as well. It also promotes the growth of healthy bacteria in the gut to improve digestion.

  • Prevent cardiovascular diseases: 

Multiple factors control heart health. To start with blood pressure, a well-controlled and easily maintained pressure is vital to keep your heart healthy. An abundant supply of magnesium and potassium keeps the blood pressure in check. Chickpeas also lower down bad cholesterol, thereby reducing the risk factors for heart diseases.

Black chickpeas nutrition value in improving immunity

Black Chickpeas in Improving Immunity

  • Improves immunity: 

The zinc content for chickpeas provides you with 25% of the daily recommended amount. Zinc is known as the immunity booster mineral, and that is why chickpeas help to improve immunity. So, start eating this if you want prevention from coronaviruses. 

  • Solution for skin problems: 

The mineral component manganese is responsible for providing a glow to skin cells and promotes their good health by reducing the generation of free radicals. Including Black chickpea in your diet tends to prevent skin problems and reduce wrinkles as well.  

  • Maintain blood pressure: 

Black chana is also are richly supplied with ions like potassium and magnesium. These are known to regulate and maintain blood pressure. Thus including them in your diet will help you stay safe from heart diseases.

  • Aid for diabetes: 

Complex carbs and fibers are meant to digest things slowly and regulate absorption sugar in the bloodstream. It keeps your cravings calm for long hours and prevents a sudden spike in blood sugar levels.

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Quick-cooking tips!

Viola!! All the essential nutrient facts are done and dusted. But wait, you still need to know how to use this healthy legume. So here we are with quick-cooking tips for some delicious and nutritious meals.

Whether you want to make a salad, a dip, gym diet, or a proper main course, here are a few necessary steps you always need to follow.

Black chickpeas nutrition value after cooking

Black Chana Salad

  • Soak a cup of Black chickpeas in two cups of water.
  • Leave it overnight or at least 6 hours to let it absorb water and become a little soft.
  • You can now use it as such for salads and sprouts. 
  • To use it in the main course, cook it in a pressure cooker for 4-5 whistles.
  • After cooking the chickpeas, you can use it in any of your favorite dishes.


So many benefits, sounds impressive, right? From your skin to bones and deep down to the heart, these small legumes benefit you in all the desired ways possible. Be it a weight loss program or a muscle-building aim; you can do both by including this legume in your diet in all the possible ways. Highly affordable and easy to cook makes it the easiest one to choose while shopping for groceries.

Well, even if you were not aware of all such great nutrition value along with the benefits of Black Chickpeas, then it’s not a problem anymore. We have covered every single detail about them. Starting from the nutrition value to its health benefits and cooling tips, you get it all in one only place. No more puzzling and long hours of search just enter the query, and we are all set to enlighten you with complete details.

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