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Friendly Update About Publication!



Update announcement

Hey guys!

I am apologizing for not publishing more often on this blog.

But, now further, I will (try to) publish about every other thing I know, practised, and improved regarding wellness.

Regularly. At least, expect me to come up with a single post every week or biweekly basis.

I can’t say about the consistency. Just saying it will be my online journal to share all my wins, loss, moods, etc.

So, let’s start today. It’s 13th January 2022 — about two years after launching this blog.

And now, I’m going to commit to publishing my personal experiences with you.

Everything that I know about personal well-being… may come up with some good ideas later.

But, for a few years, expect to steal my practical ideas on how to live healthy and happy.

Some of the topics I will be sharing more often now are

  • My weight loss journey
  • Habits
  • Productivity
  • Positivity
  • Relationship
  • Mental wellness
  • Physical wellness
  • Spiritual well-being
  • Some interesting Facts about my local foods

Am going to forget about perfectionism and publish at least one article each week with a newsletter directly to your inbox (subscribe to get the update).

And I will be sharing with you my top secrets for handling things in adverse conditions, too.

My commitment also includes writing at least 100 words regarding a recurring topic every day just after my breakfast. And no excuses.

And for making things easier for me, I will open this file before preparing my breakfast.

That’s yeah! Happy to interact with you all again, guys. Thanks for always being there.

Love you and Live well!


I'm a health enthusiast who is passionate about living healthy and stress-free, no matter what situation it is. With a biotech degree and as a health seeker, I want to create a positive environment by spreading awareness for natural living. In this contaminated world, we need to keep our minds, bodies, and souls free from all kinds of pollutants to survive longer. And with the motivation of providing realistic and long-lasting solutions for our everyday health issues, I have created Healthy Tarika.

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